Saturday, March 29, 2008

Prettify ye walls

Wall decals are a versatile option to add a little more personality in your house, especially if you have big empty walls that seem sad and forlorn, It's also an additional method of infusing some colour and detail, instead the usual picture hanging. And best of all they are removable so you can keep changing them as much as you like! One way it could be used, is to act as substitute furniture, like the chandelier above - in lieu of a real one but just like it nonetheless!

Alternatively use it like wallpaper, and since they are concentrated in a small area, you can still have your broad expanse of a single coloured wall, but bringing special attention to a certain area of your room. Above: Sprinkle Wall Graphics. 

Or even more simply. a wall decal can be used to add a little bit of your quirky side to your house - by putting it in a place you would least expect for that element of surprise! Like the owl above, doesn't he look like he's just an extension from the garden outside? 

Now if only I had sufficient wall space...

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