Tuesday, April 1, 2008

doing up the drawers

Drawers (the furniture) seems like a necessary evil in the house - often just a boring set of brown, black or white which serves the practical necessity of containing messes and keeping things out of sight. Hence it was quite a surprise to discover that there are people who actually paint drawer knobs, and beautifully at that. 

Definitely a way of injecting some interesting colour and detail into an otherwise plain-looking piece of furniture! Best of all, they are all very affordable, so you can simply use an inexpensive, simple set of drawers, and instantly add some personality to it. 

Clockwise from left: (1) A set of three animal print drawer knobs from Art by Malhotra; (2) Butterfly Drawer Pulls from Knobs; (3) Hand Painted Drawer pulls from Dania 27 and (4) British Knob with Purse Motif by Doodle Pad Designs.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot what a great little feature.
Art by Malhotra