Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Check out these adorable handmade rubber stamps which will be a great way to personalise your stationery and definitely make it unique. The thing is though, because there are so many lovely designs it's highly possible that you will be tempted to get them all the moment you start looking. After much deliberation, I present to you four of my many, many favourites. 

Clockwise from top left: (1) Handcarved little baby stamp by Craft Pudding; (2) Personalised mug shot signature stamp by Love Sprouts; (3) Matryoshka rubber stamp by Corrabelle and (4) Free whales rubber stamp by Sleep Sheep.


Talita said...

Ooh ! thats great !
thank you for indicate my ruber stamp . i'm glad that you did it ^^


Marta said...

Lovely..! I'm making my owns too! =)
But I make more jewellery..! =)
Love your blog!! =)
Kisses from Portugal.

mahow said...

No problem talita/sleepsheep!

And a shout out to Portugal!

tinee said...

yes, these are great! i like lovesprouts mugshot stamp a lot, but the birdie on the head is heart killing, too.

making stamps is so much fun! yesterday i made a sweet little rabbit. i wonder what he's up to...^_^